Nov 13, 2012
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Interview with @weedhitler about Weird Twitter

Who Weed Hitler is, I don’t know apart from that he’s a kind of weird Twitter user. I interviewed him over mail, as a part of my very swedish, very long news article about Weird Twitter. He answered me in an ongoing text, hard to split up, so I’ll basically just reprint every question he got and then his answers.

- Are you a former or active Something Awful-user?
- If so, how ”in the gang” would you say you are?
- If not, how’d you get in to this kind of jargon?
- Is there – according to you – a such thing as Weird Twitter?
- If so, what is it composed of?
- How would you describe the people involved?
- What’s the big advantage in this kind of humour?
- Is it unique, according to you?
- If not, who or what can it be compared to ”outside” the internet world?
- Will it be killed when others start to discover it?
- What do you think W.T most accuratly can be compared with: r/shitredditsays, /b on 4chan or The Weird Part of Youtube?
- Why?
- What’s ”your thing” in it? 

I have read the dude’s pieces, and while I can’t say I got that it was a joke on his part at first, I gotta give the guy some credit. He’s either really good at faking it to piss people off, or he just said it was a “troll” to cover his ass. Jury’s still out on that, I think, haha. If they were truly jokes, then I commend the guy. The way he wrote those articles made me legitimately upset. Before I answer the questions, I should warn you (though I’m sure you already know) that I have a large disdain for the term “weird twitter”. For the sake of integrity though, I won’t meter myself too much.

I’ve never touched SA in my life. I’ve been linked to a few threads here and there, but even in my pre-twitter days I never once owned or used an account on there. I respect the website for being the source of a lot of jokes on the internet for a long time, I really do, but I can’t bring myself to use a forum that requires you to pay for features. I found my way into this group of people through twitter user @jitka22 I wanna say… Summer 2011? So I’ve only been at this joke tweet business for a year. I guess I just started seeing people make more and more funny things, followed some people here and there, and wanted to get in on it myself. That’s really where it all started.

I’ll be as blunt as possible- Weird Twitter does not exist. Weird Twitter is a misnomer- it’s really just a loosely connected group of painfully normal people who put their creative thought processes out there. I understand using it to describe an account like @dril or @wolfpupy to someone who isn’t well acquainted with it, and that’s all well and good, but to say that it’s a group that someone can “join” or “leave” is entirely wrong.

I routinely and sarcastically call the people involved in what people are calling “Weird Twitter” as “surrealist narcissists who hate themselves”, but really it’s just people who enjoy taking the often nonsensical thoughts they have and showing them to the world in the hopes of finding people who share their sense of humor. The advantages of this are also, ironically, their disadvantages. There’s a sense of accomplishment when you get a perfect 140 character blurb that conveys an idea or concept perfectly and everyone loves it, but at the same time, the constriction of having to deal with only 140 characters is mind numbingly hard. Twitter as a form of humor is honestly one of the hardest. With stand up comedy, there’s no limit to how long a joke can be, you’re just up there talking. With twitter, it’s 140 or nothing.

It’s unique in method and presentation, but it’s also very derivative of other things and itself. My thoughts go to @bransonbranson’s tweet “Any Pizza Is A Personal Pizza If You Believe In Yourself And Try Hard Enough”, which is very reminiscent of a Mitch Hedberg joke, “Any book is a children’s book, if the kid can read!”. One of the things I think you’ll notice with these kinda tweeters is that almost all of them have a huge respect for comedic greats, and you’d be hard pressed to find one of them that outright disliked Hedberg as a comedian. A common joke I hear is that if Hedberg were alive and had a twitter account, none of this “weird twitter” shit would even exist, because none of us would be able to challenge or best him, ahhaha.

Considering we’ve already gotten legitimately famous people who “get the joke” (@radiomaru, @nedroid, @robdelaney, @mountan_goats, et al), I’d say that it’s already been discovered. There’s really no going back at this point, and while this community isn’t what it was earlier this year and late last year, I dare say it’s become better. There’s a much bigger sense of ease, a sense of acceptance. There’s none of that “you have to be initiated into this group. we are a secret club” type stuff going on. It’s a constantly changing organic being instead of a locked box, and personally, I like that. (On the flipside, I’ve noticed a lot of people taking jokes that are intended to be obviously sarcastic very seriously lately, and I’m not too fond of that).

/r/shitredditsays looks like it’s run by someone or multiple people from Twitter. Frankly, I was scared when you asked me to compare Joke Tweeters to reddit, because usually, well, reddit isn’t exactly the most loveable place. SRS is on par with a lot of twitter jokesters and things they (and I personally) hate, so there’s a pretty stark comparison to draw. As far as 4chan’s /b/ board, however, Twitter Joke People are nowhere NEAR that. There’s some similarities in style of humor, use of surrealism and all that, but /b/ is a dump. I’m not one to get offended at things, I’m really not, but I wouldn’t compare a loose group of friends playing around and making jokes to a sub-forum that moves at the speed of light and is full of white kids who think spouting the n word and rape is hilarious. That’s not the twitter I know at all. Twitter and “Weird Youtube” are a little closer in comparison, the only difference being that youtube as a platform is a lot more ego-forming than twitter. “Oh this is MY channel, these are MY fans, these are MY videos” etc. Youtube is such a broad platform that I don’t really know how to draw a comparison. Kinda like trying to compare surrealist apples to post-surrealist oranges.

My thing? I’m just here to excise my weird thoughts and hope people like it. I don’t do comedy because I look at it as a career and think “eh yeah I can do that”, I have this inner urge to be funny. I’ve always been that funny dude, in a group of friends. The guy who spends his whole time trying to make people laugh, y’know? I grew up around comedy, and it’s been with me for years, so I have this insatiable urge to make people laugh. It’s really this urge to provide, because making other people happy is what makes me happy. When a tweet of mine hits the big time and gets favorites and retweets from god knows where, I don’t think “hell yeah, I’m funny and everyone else can eat it I’m gonna be rich!!”; I think “Sweet! I made a lot of people laugh and smile and probably made their day a little better”. That’s why I’m here. That’s my thing. I want to be a comedian so I can make other people happy.

and that’s about everything!

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